Coming soon! Darkness of your Embrace

Hi friends,

Time for a little update. I am currently working on new material. Call it a V2 side project. After the release of our cd, Showdown, an unintentionally hiatus occured. This gap lasted until early 2018. Martin went on doing his top 2000 piano shows, and other musical activities, but V2 is/was (temporarily ?) put on hold. As far as other musical activities are concerned, Ernst and yours truly do and did not sit back effortlessly. I already composed and recorded new tracks and lyrics, doing all of the instruments by myself, with a little help from modern technology. Ernst helped me out with vocals, rearranging lyrics, and contributing some (older) material of his own. Contributions of Martin are not excluded. You soon can find some material on Soundcloud, and the project’s name is “Lam”. We keep you posted when this will happen, so you also can enjoy our new music !

CU and greetings. Bert.